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Sriracha Campus

                                                      Sriracha campus occupies the area of 199 rai (32 hectares) in Sriracha
                                              District of Chonburi Province at the distance of approximately
                                              107 kilometers to the east of Bangkok. It was originally an agricultural research station
                                              of the university since 1954. Its establishment as a campus took place in 1989 and the first
                                              year bachelor students started in 1996. This campus was dictated by the pressing of the
                                              country shortage of high quality manpower as a consequence of the Eastern Seaboard
                                              Development Project.
                                                      There are four missions for Kasetsart University Sriracha Campus: teaching,
                                              research, services and cultural preservation, for undergraduate and postgraduate
                                              degrees. There are five faculties and a campus office:
                                                      1.Faculty of Management Sciences
                                                      2.Faculty of Engineering at Sriracha
                                                      3.Faculty of Science at Sriracha
                                                      4.Faculty of Economics and Sriracha
                                                      5.Faculty of International Maritime Studies
                                                      6.Office of Sriracha Campus
                                                      At present, Kasetsart University Sriracha Campus has 11,080 students, 578
                                              academic and administrative staffs with the vision “A leading university in research
                                              and learning in eastern Thailand, aiming to world university” and the motto “Nonsee
                                              Sriracha develops the eastern region”.
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