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Kasetsart University

                                               Kasetsart University aims to create knowledges of the land for the well-being of nation.
                                                    Kasetsart University globally promotes knowledges of the land for sustainable
                                               development of the country.
                                                    1. Form graduates with wisdom, rationality, morality  and conscious mind.
                                                    2. To accumulate wisdom, to create and develop various knowledges, and to give
                                                        outputs at standardized competency.
                                                    3. Accommodate community for development and  social responsibility.
                                                    4. Pursue and support arts, culture and the unique ness of the university.
                                                    5. Manage the university resources efficiently.
                                               Core value
                                                    Aim to the achievement by harmony with the moral heritage.
                                               IDKU: Identity of Kasetsart University
                                               Integrity, Determination, Knowledge, Creation Unity.

                                               Kasetsart University  is situated in Bang Khen District of Bangkok
                                               and has the other three campuses :
                                               Kamphaeng Saen Campus
                                               Sriracha Campus
                                               Chalermphrakiat Sakon Nakhon Province Campus
                                               In 2016, Kasetsat University has 67,698 students in bachelor, master,
                                               and doctoral degrees in total within 29 faculties, and 9,792 academic
                                               and administrative staffs.
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