Office of Academic Services


           The Office of Academic Services Si Racha Campus is an internal section of Si Racha Campus as to received the policy mission for education learning encourages of the faculty’s subject and the campus about the computer performance room, classroom, audio visual equipment, education learning media produce, library structure network planning and computer network of Si Racha Campus system management including the academic services to communities for encouraging provincial development. After that, referring to the 20/2545, 2/2546, 3/2546 meeting of Si Racha Campus executive committee on 18 Wednesday December 2002, 22 Wednesday January 2006, and 11 Tuesday February 2003, respectively, the committee had a conclusion that the Office of Academic services at Si Racha (Office of Science Services an Original) must be regularing about the office structure and line the its responsibility incharging for three majority missions of library services, information technology services and education technology services. Moreover, the Office of Academic Services Si Racha Campus should reduce its role of academic services to the communities and also reduce the research work to comply with policy of Si Racha Campus. Therefore, the new structure of Office of Academic Services Si Racha Campus includes 4 majority sections, the secretariate office, education technology department, computer service department and library department. Moreover, the Office of Academic Services Si Racha Campus is demanded to change its name to “ Office of Academic Service Si Racha”, subsequently, the Office of Academic Services Si Racha Campus received the approval from Kasetsart University by the meeting of the 1/2548 on 17 January 2005 to change the office name as Office of Academic services and required to separate the internal affair according to the announcement to the Council of Kasetsart University on 8 February 2005

1. Secretary Office Department
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Office of Academic Service is the agency in type of Higher Education which can expand educational opportunities and response to the development of economic zones in Eastern Coast Area and country development respectively, in this regard, by focusing on the production and manpower development in both of Sciences and Business Administration, specially in subject that need the manufacturing base and economic principle. As well as, the department had been approved in principle included in the Higher Education Development Plan, Phrase 7 as 'Community College'. In 1996, the subcommittee decided to establish the new government agency in Higher Education Institutes of State and was agreed with setting up to be Si Racha Campus. 15 March 1999, Kasetsart University Council approved this place being the Campus by having Office of Academic Service is internal department.

2. Library Department
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Majority mission of library department is education learning encouraged for any sections of Kasetsart University Si Racha Campus as including outside sections to proceed by providing about any information resource format and also analysis of these for any convenience usefully into these information resource. Moreover, to be providing proceed about new form services included for setup, development and improvement of any system services, continuously for optimize suitable services. Minority mission is academic communities services to proceed by providing about any project and activities for that communities by the library to proceed formation only and to cooperation and coordinate with external section for community services. Service Publication
           1. Library Service membership card.
            2. Borrowing-returning books.
            3. Self Service Borrowing (WebOPEC).
            4. Book Reservations via the internet or contact the library officers (in case of the books was borrowed out).
            5. Reserve Service (the professors inform the book title that they want to reserve to the library officer).
            6. Database Service.
            7. Interlibrary loan Service (contact for asking the information at library).
            8. Orientation about library service, suggest, workshop ‘how to use the database to the library users’.

3. Computer Services Department
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Computer Services Division is responsible to service, control, develop, take care and maintain computer networks, information systems technology, computer systems for administration, distance learning, e-learning computers, intra-phone, Voice over Internet Protocol, computer server, and computer lab within Si Racha campus. As well as provide services for academics, training, developing software for academics and also develop and give information system services. Computer Services Divisions can be divided into three sectors. Each sector is divided according to quantity and type of jobs which allow Computer Services Division to give fast and efficient services and each sector composes of main duties as follows.

4. Education Technology Department
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To provide service and support teaching and learning, audio-visual service, and including production and other media development, having responsibility and giving audio-visual service. Be included 2 tasks, are as follows:
           1. Production and development of the media.
           2. Audio-Visual service.

5. Maintenance Department
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Maintenance Division, Office of Academic Service, in originally, it’s responsible about the repair and maintenance of air conditioning system for learning and teaching service in Department of Educational Technology, Office of Academic Service, Kasetsart University (Si Racha Campus). In 2009, reorganization to manage the scope of responsibility of Office of Academic Service, be clear and appropriate to the current workload. As well as, there are the effective administration and the practices to support the requirements and provide the service about learning and teaching of other departments in this Si Racha Campus in fully effectiveness.